A Spiritual Dawning

The sun is setting as I write these words. Blue ocean kissed by a blush colored sky. A new moon sits, alone, without the company of stars.

On this night…

I sit quietly, taking in the rustling of the breeze through palm trees. The distant sounds of frogs singing their goodnights.

I want to embrace every sound, every color, every movement, as night approaches; as light gives way to dark. I want to feel God’s rhythm. I want to trust in the returning of dawn.

Yet, I know that dawn has — more times than I’d care to claim — seemed far beyond reach. There are moments of vast uncertainty in this life. I’ve met them in the darkest parts of my own journey. Moments when it seemed that I could not find my way; moments when I questioned if the dawn would ever come.

I can recall chapters in life when my mind was filled with noises that rendered my soul unable to hear the very sounds of truth; HIS truth. I remember when self-reliance was my king. Combing through memories, I relive a time when I looked to no one outside of myself for answers. Directing myself in a one-woman play, I was disconnected from God’s direction. Day after day, the sun would rise — God is an ever faithful father — yet, the dawn continued to elude me.

What I craved was the dawning of my spirit; I was hungry for a soulful awakening. That moment when shadows give way to a vibrancy within; the kind of aliveness that only God can provide. Still, I met each sunrise from a place of resistance. Unknowingly, I was resisting the dawn…resisting God’s grace.

From that place of resistance, I could not experience the fullness of God. As much as I needed God, I was closed to accepting — surrendering to — his awesome love. Perhaps, I didn’t believe that I was valuable enough in God’s eyes to receive his love, his grace, his redemption. What I am sure of is this: the dawn arrived when I accepted the truth that, I am.

I am valuable in God’s eyes.

We are all valuable in his eyes.

Isaiah 43:4 reads; “you are precious and honored in my sight, and I love you.” 

Feeling God’s love — taking your place within this love — is not a difficult task. God is not a complicated father. We, as God’s children, are often the problematic ones. We resist, pull away, run away. Sometimes, we even believe that we’re too damaged for God when all He wants is to meet us in our place of darkness. We forget that which we already know: we are precious, honored and loved.

Time to believe, again, in God’s ability to bring the dawn back into our souls.

If I’ve learned anything from my journey in this life, to date, it is that God’s love is the great healer. He is the maker of light, and the conquerer of dark. Allowing ourselves to receive the gift of God’s love is our first step toward realizing the break of day within us.

Today, trade resistance for allowance.

Allow God in.

Daylight is nearing…

A spiritual dawning is on the horizon, and you are not alone.

Onward to allowing,





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