Book Review: I’m Going to Give You a BEAR HUG!

MMB_BLOG_57_BEAR HUGI love a hug, and recently I read an adorable children’s book that expresses all the many different types of hugs there are in this great, big, wonderful world.

Bear Hug, by Caroline B. Cooney is a delightful journey into the many ways we can give hugs and receive hugs.

A little bit about the author: Caroline has created over ninety Young Adult novels in many genres, and her books have sold over fifteen million copies. Bear Hug is based on a verse that Caroline wrote for her own children, who are now grown.

The true test for any children’s book is, of course, the feedback from — you guessed it — children! My seven year old daughter, Eviana, sat down to read Bear Hug to me. She loved it! One of the reasons, I believe, that my little girl adores this book is found within its enchanting rhymes.

As my girl read through the pages, she laughed and smiled as she expressed her delight in the colorful illustrations (Tim Warnes), and the joy-filled imagination created on every page. The book is also a “bigger board” book, which I think is helpful for young readers.

MMB_Blog_57_horse hugsFrom fish hugs, to dog hugs, to whale hugs — and our personal favorite — horse hugs, we snuggled in for a journey of waddles, races, wet and drippy, ocean wide, and wriggly, giggly squeezes and cuddles.

Indeed, Bear Hug is a lovely read before little ones go drifting off to sleep.

I definitely recommend this sweet read for the oh-so huggable children in your life! It’s available on Amazon.

Mark you calendars! I’m offering one free copy of Bear Hug to one very lucky winner! The fun (and the specifics) to this giveaway will be shared via my social media pages starting Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

Stay tuned, good luck, and keep on hugging!

MMB_Blog_57_vi and bear hug



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    1. Hi Cindy! Thanks for your comment!! You CAN win this book as we have started a giveaway as of today. If you are on Twitter or FB, follow me and learn more on the contest. Twitter: @LetHerBeGreater, Facebook: I hope to see you on my social media. Please give big hugs to those six grandchildren!!

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