Soul Journey: explore your spiritual nature & cultivate a healthy life

MMB_Blog_27_springJust last week, I took my soul on a journey. That’s right, I packed my bags and headed out on — not a vacation — but a soul-cation.

I found myself in Tucson, Arizona at a place called Canyon Ranch. This fitness and wellness resort has been in existence for some 35 years. It was a dream of Canyon Ranch Founders, Enid and Mel Zuckerman, to create a place of discovery, renewal and pleasure. An environment that meets a client’s needs, physically, mentally and emotionally. The Ranch offers an integrative approach, in a beautiful setting, to explore one’s own potential.

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Life, Purpose and a New Definition: redefining life here on earth

MMB_Blog_26_plant“If you have life, you have purpose.” ~Caroline Myss

I heard the above quote from spiritual teacher and best-selling author Caroline Myss, while watching an interview she filmed with Oprah Winfrey for Super Soul Sunday.

I must admit, her thoughts on purpose brought about an ah-ha moment for me! In fact, I had to sit with Myss’ words for a bit and ponder them. Her statement—if you have life, you have purpose—was big, sort of revolutionary. A new way of looking at why I’m here…

And it seemed—well—simple.

Simply by having life, I have purpose? The answer is, yes. The question that remained for me was, how is this purpose defined?

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Thoughts for a New Year: a woman’s heart, mind & soul matter

MMB_Blog_25_RoadWe’re on the verge of a New Year: 2016! I’m writing this post (number 25, to be exact) on a cloudy morning in Nashville, TN. I’m traveling, on the road, and thinking about the heart, mind and soul of a woman.

I’m also sipping on a warm cup of green tea and breathing—deeply—as I write this note to women everywhere. It’s exactly what I want to do on this last morning of 2015.

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