Don’t Love in a Hurry: thoughts on slowing down and hearing God

If you could have your perfect day, what would it look like? Would your day be filled with the rush of business matters, making phone calls, or ticking away at that to-do list? Would you disappear from sight and take to binging on social media?

What would you do?

I pose this question to myself, as well, as we welcome in the month of June. Summer is upon us; kids are getting out of school and I sense the excitement of an expansion in time. The days are longer, and I even get a break from filling school lunch boxes in the early morning hours! This, alone, fills me with an anticipation equivalent to that of flying off to some tropical island! There’s just something about the summer months and the marvelous thought of slowing down.

Yet, because I’m a flawed human being, as well as a creature of habit, I find myself wanting more. I want more than just three summer months lived at a slower pace: I want every day to be filled with the perfection of a life less-rushed and a love less-hurried.

I’ve come to realize, with startling clarity, that connection — real connection — to God, to others, and to ourselves, cannot happen in a rapid-fire way. We were created for slower and more humble living. In other words, busyness is man-made. There is nothing wrong with determination and drive, unless it takes priority over our relationships — for when it does, we risk losing kinship with what matters most:


Love matters most.

It is patient. It is kind. It does not envy. It does not boast. It is not proud.

Love is the very reason we’re here. And, when we slow down and fill ourselves up with this purpose — to love — we are met with the desire to know love more deeply, and to be saturated by love until we overflow with nothing but love. Said another way: to know God more completely, and to bathe in His love until we become the very extension of that love.

It’s what I want. How about you?

The beautiful thing is, this is a love that is not a temporary one. It’s not a summer fling! God’s love is never-ending. It is forever and always.

If you desire to hear God — to feel the vibrations of His love — I have five thoughts on how to strengthen your spiritual muscle.

  1. Slow down! We cannot hear ourselves think, much less hear the transformational thoughts of God when we’re in “busy mode.” Slow down, quiet the mind, and go to His word. Allow yourself to be shaped by His wisdom.
  2. Be humble. In order to be shaped by God, we have to admit that we don’t know it all. I recently heard it said that to understand God we have to “stand under” Him — never over Him. This requires a humble heart and the ability to surrender.
  3. Worship! There is the sweetest surrender found in praising God when that praise is done because we ARE loved, not because we want to be loved. Do you see the difference? Trusting that you are already loved brings about an overflow of gratitude. In that place of gratefulness, we can feel and hear the very presence of our Creator. Worship is open-space for Godly encounters.
  4. Serve. When we slow down and serve others, we find that our own selfishness is shattered. Compassion and care will flourish from this place. The more we serve, the more spiritually directed we grow. We connect more deeply to God as we become more and more available to Him.
  5. Be purposeful. Be attentive for God and centered in God. Practice only the things that bring you closer to Him and, ultimately, closer to the vision He holds for your life. Living out numbers 1  through 4 above, will assist you in staying purpose-centered in God.

The perfect day, for me, would be one where I slow down, go to the word of God, and with a humble heart stand under Him so that I might grow in grace and live, each day, with Godly purpose. I’m starting today, June 1, with the intention of living a perfect day — no matter the month or season of the year. No more hurrying love, or sandwiching it in between the seconds of a busy life.

I’m creating space — daily — for love to flow and for God to grow, in every cell of my being; to hear Him and to know Him.

Onward to grace,



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