Let God In: A Greater Way of Being

MMB_Blog_54_woman aloneWhenever you feel unloved, unimportant, or insecure, remember to whom you belong. Ephesians 2: 19-22

A friend once told me, “There is no coincidence that the words story and store are only one letter different.”

The story we tell ourselves, and the memories we hold in our minds, directly impact how we store away, or perceive, life and our place in it.

All too often, the memory — the story — takes precedence over God’s truth. When the world makes us feel so very unloved, unimportant and insecure, we forget just how much we are loved by God.

In other words, sometimes we’re so focused on our own suffering that we block out the memory of God’s ever-present love.

We get stuck within the wound…

Okay, here’s my confession: I used to live very much in the mind, the space that continuously scans the world for what is unjust and unfair. Indeed, there was a time when fear was my ruler. I said it! In the mind, was the place where I saw life happening to me. It was the place where I ran from life — from fully living — in order to protect myself from further pain.

Honestly, it’s only in my more recent history that I’ve shared this part of my life “out loud”. I just got so tired of running…which is why I’m writing these words to you now.

Are you tired of running? Are you exhausted by the memories that make you feel lesser than all that God has created you to be? I really do understand these feelings. I want to help you out from under the weight of this shadowy place.

I’d like to ask you to remember to whom you belong.

MMB_Blog_54_natureThe day that God moved in my heart — the moment He became my ruler — I remembered a God who works on my behalf: the God who accomplishes things for me that I could never accomplish on my own, the God who has carried me through both the tears and the triumphs of my life. The God who understands, even when the world only offers me misunderstanding.

This is the God who I want to remember, know, and trust.

There was a time when I forgot God. I forgot to honor the miracles that were all around me because I was so deeply trapped in the muddled memories of everything that had hurt me in the past. Or, the self-important memories of those goals that I mistakenly thought I had succeeded at on my own.

Then, in a moment, while standing in Ethiopia and holding my daughter in my arms for the first time, God met me and urged me to let go of my self-perceived limitations. He asked me to release the stories that had me trapped inside of my own mind. Then, something miraculous occurred in that place: I remembered God.

I remembered that God never intended for me to be a “do this life alone” kind of girl. He didn’t create me to spend my days trying to prove to the world, or myself, that I was worthy of love and happiness. He didn’t want me to be an “I’ll show you” kind of human being, clawing her way to some imaginary destination that the world calls, “the top.”


God intended me for relationship with Him: to breathe, to believe, and to let Him stir up a revival in my soul. God wanted to bring me back to life.

God wants to bring each of His daughters back to life.

How does that sound to you?

In the remembering of God, we allow spiritual humility to take form in our hearts, as we move from the mind and into the soul. This is the place where the potter creates masterpieces, the place where God forms us toward a greater way: a greater story.

This new story has nothing to do with “religion.” It has everything to do with letting God in and allowing Him to quench your thirst. It has everything to do with experiencing God’s sweetness along your daily walk. Look around you, the miracles are everywhere.

You see, God’s story reminds us all that we are loved and important, no matter our past pain or our past mistakes. We can rest secure in this place of knowing.

We no longer have to run from this truth.

All we have to do is let Him in

Onward to the letting,

2 thoughts on “Let God In: A Greater Way of Being

  1. Amazing!! I really want to learn to let God in, to deep my relationship with Him and find this place of constante peace and rest… and your text helped me to remember this! Love you, dear! May God continue blessing lives through you.

    1. Thank you, Thalita,for reaching out to me here. I’m so glad to know that this blog post touched you. Letting God in is where we truly begin to transform our lives and discover the peace and rest that you speak of. I send you my love and continued prayers. I’m blessed to know you!xoxo

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