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Michelle Madrid-Branch is an author, speaker, international adoptee, and global advocate for women and children; specializing in the areas of adoption, foster care, abandonment recovery, and identity reconciliation. Her mission is to ensure that the adoption community is heard, seen, valued, respected, and understood.

She is the Host of The Greater Than Podcast which focuses on the strength and resilience of the human spirit. Michelle shares stories of triumph over challenge and asks the question: What is the internal drive that urges a person to move beyond struggle and stand Greater Than the very obstacle that tried to keep them down?

Michelle enjoyed a decade-long successful career as a television news anchor and investigative journalist, including an Emmy nomination while on-air with ABC-TV. She has three books in print—The Tummy Mummy, Adoption Means Love: Triumph of the Heart, and Mascara Moments: Embracing the Woman in the Mirror—and is currently writing a fourth.

Michelle has been referred to as a “world-wide voice on adoption” by Adoption Australia. She was inducted into the New Mexico Women’s Hall of Fame in 2006 and honored with the Governor’s Award for Outstanding New Mexico Women by Governor Bill Richardson. An international adoptee herself, she is the recipient of the 2004 Congressional Angels in Adoption Award.

Michelle never steps down when it’s time to speak up on behalf of others, and does so with a natural poise, genuine curiosity, and deep respect for whomever is in front of her. Her international upbringing allows her to feel at home anywhere in the world. With a shared passion for adventure and service, Michelle and her family live and travel worldwide. Their current home is in Santa Barbara, CA.

Adoption Means Love:
Triumph of the Heart


Adoption Means Love: Triumph of the Heart is a collection of real and raw stories that explore the many experiences and emotions of adoptees, adoptive parents, birthparents, foster youth, and foster parents.
 “A book for anyone touched by adoption in any way.”  ~Adoption.com
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Children Without Families


Michelle is on a mission to empower and connect orphaned and foster children to the larger community in order to improve the lives of children, families and those who serve them.

UNICEF estimates there are 17,900,000 orphans worldwide who have lost both parents—and 153,000,000 who have lost one parent—living in orphanages or on the street today. When you add the number of children who are forced to enter foster care systems because their parents are unable or unwilling to care for them, the result is a staggering number of the world’s children without a family to call their own.

Michelle understands what it feels like to grow up knowing that your parents chose to give you away and the devastating consequences of abandonment that leave children wondering if they truly fit in anywhere.

It is vital to raise awareness and advocate on behalf of these precious children who often are invisible in our society. Collectively we’re only as strong as our weakest links, and orphans worldwide have not received the kind of attention they—and we—need in order to thrive as a whole.

Michelle is recognized as an advocate for orphans worldwide. She travels the globe speaking with children, adults, and social workers about the importance of freeing orphans from believing that they are unlovable, unworthy or inadequate in any way—issues that so many of us from otherwise intact families can also relate to. She believes that by building bridges between orphans and non-orphans, we can learn more about ourselves, connect across cultural and socio-economic divides, and make all of our lives better.

Michelle imagines a world where no child is left unseen or unloved—and she is passionately committed to making that vision a reality. Please join her so that, together, we can help unite more adoptable children with loving families to call their own.

Imagine, looking at your hands and seeing the hands of your mother. Imagine, looking at your eyes and seeing the eyes of your father. Imagine, when you can’t do this because you have been through so many temporary “houses,” “families,” “parents,” that you cannot remember the hands, the eyes, of the very ones who gave you life. Imagine not seeing yourself in anyone you know. Imagine not even seeing yourself at all.

I want to add my voice to this important dialogue and discover how to make a difference.

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Life Wellness Coaching

Life Wellness Coach Michelle Madrid-Branch

Michelle has spent a majority of her life as a voice for the marginalized. As a television news anchor and journalist, she fought for truth and for what is right and good. Michelle is a former foster and international adoptee. She understands the struggles of low self-esteem, isolation, and shame. Through her own personal journey of healing, she has broken free of the emotional chains that held her back from achieving a life of fulfillment.

Michelle is trained through the Institute for Life Coach Training. She is also a Platinum Partner with the Anthony Robbins Group.

Michelle’s main area of focus, interest and expertise is helping empower individuals to leave the imperfections of their past behind and—with strength, wisdom and grace—move forward to a more brilliant and abundant future.

The Benefits of Coaching 

With a life wellness coach as their guide, Michelle’s clients are able to clearly define and articulate their dreams, identify what is holding them back from realizing those dreams, and move forward with unstoppable momentum and clarity of vision.

Coaching is a co-creative equal partnership between coach and client, designed to improve and enhance the client’s quality of life.

It’s about where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there!

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Michelle’s Books


The Tummy Mummy

The Tummy Mummy has been named a, “Top 25 Adoption Books for Children,” by Adoption Mama Blog. This beautifully illustrated and compassionately written book honors the adoption triad in a respectful and loving way. It’s a wonderful tool for supporting adoption dialogue!



“I am a birthmom who surrendered in 1969. In 2006 my daughter emailed me and we began corresponding. This led to a successful reunion and ongoing relationship WHICH BRINGS ME UNSPEAKABLE JOY.

I believe The Tummy Mummy was a contributing catalyst in the restoration of our lost mother-daughter bond. I bought the book in 2010 for my then six-year-old granddaughter hoping it might help her understand adoption. My daughter, Nan, never commented on its content, but I now know she LOVED it and I believe it helped facilitate our reconciliation.

My daughter now introduces me as her “dear tummy mummy” with great affection and no shame. Thank you Michelle!” -Deb

“The title Tummy Mummy honors the birthmother/birthchild bond without dismissing the adoptive mother. Michelle got it right!” -Nan

The Tummy Mummy was recently named a “Top 25 Adoption Books for Children”
by Adoption Mama Blog.


Mascara Moments

Mascara Moments: Embracing the Woman in the Mirror is the perfect daily dose of inspiration for women. This intimate little ebook is an easy strategy for beginning the journey of self-growth and self-discovery. With intention and focus, it guides the reader toward who she really is, and how she truly wants to be seen.

“I love this book! It’s small, intimate, powerful, visual.”
~Rosemund C. Boles



Adoption Means Love

Adoption Means Love: Triumph of the Heart has been called, “a book for anyone touched by adoption in anyway,” by Adoption.com. Real and raw, the book explores the many experiences and emotions of adoptees, adoptive parents, birthparents, foster youth, and foster parents. Named a “Top 5 Inspirational Book” by Dolce Vita Magazine, this book is a virtual field of dreams on the topic of family building through adoption.


“We loved this book! It was very inspirational to read while waiting to become licensed foster parents.”
~Amanda Ballinger

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Adoption Means Love: Triumph of the Heart recently reviewed on adoption.com.

I would recommend this book to anyone touched by adoption in any way.” ~Melissa Giarrosso



Women’s Day

“A woman answering her calling.”



Named “Adoption Means Love” a Top 5 Inspirational Book for 2006


City Life

“Adoption Means Love” listed under “Titles you don’t want to miss”

  RUBY Magazine

  “The Greatest Gift You Can Ever Give”
by Michelle Madrid-Branch

Online Media

Audio Interviews

Radio Interview on KJUC Radio/KCSB-FM (November 8, 2016)

Radio Interview, Elite Radio (March 2013)

Radio Interview, Mom’s Movement Radio (February 5, 2013, #25)

Radio Interview on BlogTalkRadio (with Cheval John)



Michelle’s reputation as a speaker is built on her ability to inspire, empower, and ignite possibility. She does so with compassion, honesty, and warmth. Michelle is an author, life coach, and
web-series host with the ability to reach her audiences on a level of deep self-discovery and healing.

If you are interested in scheduling an event, please submit your inquiry to:



Michelle will be speaking live on February 8th, 2018 at 7 PM PST in Adoption Out Loud on Facebook. She will be talking, heart-to-heart about loving ourselves and caring for ourselves on the parenting journey.


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“I love your work. And your passion for what you do. You were chosen for this!”

Christina Rasmussen, Bestselling Author, Second Firsts, Hay House, 2013
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“Michelle inspires women everywhere with her powerful and personal story. She is the ideal messenger to engage women with new techniques to empower their lives.”

Bill Richardson, Former Governor of New Mexico
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“A world-wide voice for adoption.”

Adoption Australia
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“Thank you, Michelle for your wisdom, generosity, and open heart. The world would be healed today if it were ruled by women like you.”

Dina McQueen, Finding Aster: Our Ethiopian Adoption Story
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“I am amazed by Michelle’s dedication to making a difference in the lives of children. I am grateful to have such a role model among us.”

U.S. Senator Pete Domenici, R-N.M.
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“When I read your blog, I was truly inspired. Thank you for filling my heart and refreshing my soul!”

Jules Shapiro, Chronically Awesome Foundation
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“The title Tummy Mummy honors the birthmother/birthchild bond without dismissing the adoptive mother. Michelle got it right! ”

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“I am a birthmom who surrendered my daughter in 1969. The Tummy Mummy was a contributing catalyst in the restoration of our lost mother-daughter bond. I believe it helped facilitate our reconciliation.”



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