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I've learned that there is power when we share our story: scars, flaws, and all. It's within the imperfections where we find freedom. My blog is dedicated to this belief! 

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I’m writing these words during the month of March, which is Women’s History Month. March is also Breast Implant Awareness Month. I’m sharing a part of my recent journey toward health and wholeness here because I think transparency is essential, woman-to-woman.

I’m an explant warrior. What does that mean? On January 13, 2020, I walked into an operating room in Cleveland Ohio and placed my body on the operating table. A team of highly capable and compassionate women assisted my surgeon as she meticulously, over 4 1/2 hours, removed the breast implants that were making me sick. Breast Implant Illness (also known as BII) is real and far too many women are suffering around the world with symptoms that are difficult to explain.

The suffering they’re experiencing is not “in their heads.” And, we should support women and remind them that they don’t have to second-guess what their bodies are telling them. I second-guessed myself for a long time. It was disempowering. I began to reach out and research what BII is and how it impacts women, globally. That knowledge empowered me to take the courageous step to explant.

The past year, for me, has been one of healing and growing a deeper appreciation for my body. The miracle and beauty of it. Not in a superficial way, but in a soulful and spiritual one. Women are miracles. Yet, they can all too often be made to feel like they’re not enough. They are, though. Women are enough, as they are. In this moment, they are enough.

As I write these words, I feel healthier and happier than ever. My journey is mine, but I share it in order to do my part and help another woman along the way—to remind her of her radiance and guide her along the path of self-acceptance and self-love. Maybe that woman is you. If so, please reach out to me if you need support.

No matter the journey you may be on, know that you are worthy of health, wholeness, happiness, and the experience of walking this earth fully alive and connected to the phenomenal woman you are. Yes, I said it. You’re phenomenal! Every curve, every angle, every shadow, and every highlight of you is exceptional and one-of-a-kind.

Breathe that in. Take that in.

Let’s honor each other as women, during this month of March and every month. Let’s make it better for our daughters. Let’s make it better for us. Let’s make it better…

We, as women, are so much more than our bodies. There’s a world of wisdom and spirit-song beneath our breasts. Let’s sing of ourselves and of each other from that soul-filled place.

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Hi, I'm Michelle.
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I don't hold anything back anymore. I've learned that there is power when we share our story: scars, flaws, and all. It's within the imperfections where we find freedom. My life's work is dedicated to this belief! 

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