6 Practical Health Choices to Keep You Strong During COVID-19

I learn so much from the meaningful conversations I have with my guests on The Greater Than Podcast. I know—perhaps now more than ever—that we need each other. COVID-19 has slowed the world down. The coronavirus pandemic is real. It has, understandably, made a lot of people feel uncertain and afraid.

The response to the virus has also brought people together. Families, who haven’t connected in weeks and months, are sitting around a table and breaking bread. They’re playing board games and becoming familiar with each other, again.

Strangers are emerging on their balconies and creating symphonies of music with neighbors they’ve never met. Balcony-to-balcony they’re finding new ways to connect because humans crave connection. We need it!

The great lesson of COVID-19 has been the reminder that the human touch is like oxygen. It’s vital to our overall health and wellbeing.

We’re adapting and finding new ways to stay engaged and to seek support. Technology has shown us how powerful it can be when it’s used for good. It seems to me that difficult moments can be blessings or impossible challenges, depending on our perspectives. How we look at situations really does make a difference because we’ve been given a major jolt and pushed in a direction that we didn’t plan on.

We didn’t expect or plan to be quarantined in our homes for days and weeks on end. We didn’t expect to go without household items we deem as necessities. We didn’t plan that we’d be homeschooling our kids. We didn’t expect that we’d have to stand 6-feel apart so that we don’t endanger ourselves or someone else.

We didn’t expect any of this. Yet, here we are. A world community moving through a very scary time. The phrase, “in it together,” has never been more appropriate. We can either be angry and upset at our current circumstances, or we can choose to let those circumstances teach us—individually and collectively—what we need to learn.

Which leads me to an interview I had in January of 2019, with Dr. Alexandra Carswell Engle, on The Greater Than Podcast. Dr. ACE, as she’s best known, is a Naturopathic doctor who runs Regenerate Health Medical Center, in Santa Barbara California.

Our conversation is relevant to where we find ourselves, today. There is essential information inside this episode. Dr. ACE’s personal story is one that reminds us not to give up, even in the face of fear, pain, and frustration. It’s a reminder that even a time of quarantine can gift us with great lessons on need versus excess, and the importance of being open to new approaches in life.

I’ve been practicing new approaches. I’m hunkering down and staying at home—gonna do my part to flatten this curve! I’m taking long walks around the garden, with my dogs, and harvesting green veggies and fruits for my family. The kids are enjoying afternoon Monopoly sessions and my husband has daily dates with his Peloton!

I’ve been taking more time to breathe and to feel my breath move through my body. I’ve been giving myself the pleasure of being present and in the moment. I can feel it changing me. When anxiety creeps in, I remind myself of the words Dr. ACE shared inside our conversation, “Staying hopeful, open, and engaged” is how we’ll make it through life’s challenges.

Never give up. Never stop trying.

And, from a health and wellbeing perspective, I felt compelled to share Dr. ACE’s interview, again. Her 6 Foundational Aspects of Health—what she says allows us to thrive—can help us all as we face the concerns of COVID-19. We have the power to overcome this challenge. It’s important that we focus on the practical things we can do to stay healthy and to help our family members and friends stay healthy, too. These six aspects of health aren’t complicated, they’re simple yet so important.

It’s empowering to know there are six simple steps we can take, today, to help us stay healthy during this crisis and beyond. We all need reminders. I’m grateful for medical professionals, like Dr. ACE and so many others, who are doing all that they can to keep us safe and make us aware of the power we hold over our health. Health is our wealth.

I want to remind you of your resilience, your ability to heal, the power you possess to thrive and live as healthy, positive, and empowered people. We need to keep leaning in, reaching out, and asking for support and guidance.

This crisis will pass. My vision is that we will be stronger, healthier, and more balanced in our lives when it does.

I’m here to help!

You can listen to my conversation with Dr. Alexandra Carswell Engle, here. I hope her insight is of support. I hope her passion to heal herself and others inspires you. It sure inspires me.

Stay well. Stay safe. Stay connected. Stay healthy!

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