A Mother’s Wish on Her Daughter’s 7th Birthday

MMB_Blog_44_Me and EviShe was a miracle.

The second that I saw her, I knew.

Wrapped up in layers upon layers of clothing that kept secret her malnourished body.

She was tiny, yet she was mighty.

A survivor, a fighter at only ten-months of age.

Holding her in Ethiopia, I could feel the power of her story — the power in the meaning of her name: Let Her Be Greater.

A name given to my daughter, by a stranger, with the hope that she might rise above her dire circumstance.

A crying out to the heavens: let her be all she has been created to be.

Lift her up.

Let Her Be Greater.

Her name was like a prayer. A prayer that penetrated the heart of this new mother, it surrounded me and enveloped me.

Her name was everything, and she was my all.

Time passes quickly. Healing takes time.

Bodies mend. Spirits are restored.

And today, she is seven.

MMB_Blog_44_to-us-embassyIf I close my eyes for even a moment, I am back in Ethiopia. The memories are that vivid.

The smells and the sounds can be quickly recalled in my mind.

Tiny child …  lost, and then found.

A mother searching for a daughter, and along the journey discovers a missing piece of herself.

Let Her Be Greater.

Let us all be greater.

May we, with humble hearts, see ourselves in each other.

May we choose kindness over judgment and remove the borders that separate our souls.

May we see another person’s struggle as our own and show up in an act of outreach.

The things of this life that happen to us — the hurts and the disappointments — do not make us lesser than another, for we are not the sum of those things.

We are more.

We are loved. We have purpose.

We are miracle.


Onward to a greater way,



4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Wish on Her Daughter’s 7th Birthday

    1. Thank you, Dina…for this and for everything. Eviana is 7!! Hard to believe. Our daughters are, indeed, miracles. How blessed we are. I hold on to the vision of seeing you and sweet Aster, soon. What a celebration that will be. xoxoxo

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your adoption journey! My son is adopted I picked him up at the hospital when he was 36 hours old. It was a long road to finalization because it was foster to adopt. I would not change anything. My son turns 13 in November, life goes so fast cherish everyday and birthday with your beautiful daughter! Blessing,

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