Adoption Awareness Month Book Giveaway

November is National Adoption Awareness Month: an initiative of the Children’s Bureau with a goal to increase national awareness and bring attention to the need for permanent families for children and youth in the U.S. foster care system.

On any given day, there are over 400,000 children in U.S. foster care. Over 100,000 foster children are eligible for and awaiting to be adopted. The average age of a waiting child is 7.7 years old and 29% of them will spend at least three years in foster care.

As a former foster child in the United Kingdom, I understand the stigma of being a “foster kid”. It’s an unfair label, but it exists. National Adoption Awareness Month works to highlight truth and eliminate myth. The truth is, the children in foster care are just like any other child in the world today. They want love and they long to be valued and protected.

This year, the theme for National Adoption Awareness Month is: Teens Need Families, No Matter What. This theme highlights the importance of identifying well-prepared and committed families for the thousands of teenagers in foster care. Many of these young people are less likely to be adopted, often because of their age, and will too often age out of the system without a stable support system. Securing lifelong connections for these teens, legally and emotionally, is an urgent need and critical component of their future achievement and overall well-being.

In honor of this theme, I am offering a special book giveaway for a non-profit organization working on behalf of foster children and youth: a case of 20 copies of my book, Adoption Means Love: Triumph of the Heart, will be given away during the month of November to one lucky organization. This is a $500.00 value!

Details for the Book Giveaway

If you are a part of a non-profit and want to enter your organization into the drawing, share via Twitter why adoption is important to you and tag me @letherbegreater. Or, enter your answer in the comments below (and let me know which organization you are with). The winning organization will need to supply us with your 501 (c) (3) non-profit status number via email, prior to books being shipped out. Best of luck! And, Happy Adoption Awareness Month!

Adoption Means Love is a real and raw book that explores the many experiences and emotions of adoptees, adoptive parents, birthparents, foster youth, and foster parents. It was named a “Top 5 Inspirational Book” by Dolce Vita Magazine.


Onward toward a future where every child and teen has a place to call home,







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