Behind the Scenes of Coco & Olive: The Color of Love

Erin Darling is an illustrator who specializes in developing original animal characters and contemporary storybook scenes. In her own words, and I quote, “The world is changing vibrantly around us, and my art taps into that pulse to capture moments of connection, community, and affection.”

Erin’s images tell stories about who we are as a people and the kind of bright future we can find if we work together and listen to each other. Erin is also the illustrator for my new children’s book, Coco & Olive: The Color of Love, which follows a canine mother and daughter pair who explore the beauty of family diversity and adoption.

The children’s book was recently released and I thought it would be a wonderful idea to talk with Erin about the illustrative process, and the deeper meaning we both discovered within the process of creating this story.

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To learn more about Erin, follow her on Instagram: @darlingillustrations and to purchase Coco & Olive: The Color of Love, visit

The Greater Than Activity for Episode 16

Each and every one of us holds a language uniquely our own. Mine is the written word. It’s where I find comfort and healing and connection and—yes—my superpower.

What’s your unique language? Is it painting, is it dancing…is it music, is it math? In what way to you connect to your true voice?

Tap into the language of you. Journal on what that language is for you. I have to believe that if every, single person alive tapped into their own unique language–their individual gift of expression—then we’d begin to, as Erin states, “Find a hope and perseverance in the face of struggle and loss.”

Let me know how this journaling goes for you.

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