Blank Canvas: intimidation or inspiration?

The beginning is the most important part of the work. ~Plato

Could there be anything more daunting than staring at a blank canvas, or a blank computer screen? It’s always the first stroke, or the first word that seems so difficult to release.

At the same time, could there be anything more exciting than contemplating the potential that a blank canvas holds? The moment when you anticipate all the possibilities about to unfold. Indeed, as Paul Cezanne once put it, “It’s so fine and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas.”

Every new day, every new experience is a blank canvas. This can be an intimidating thought or an inspirational one. You choose! I once looked into the mirror and stared into the eyes of a blank canvas. I was a woman starting over, one who would no longer tolerate the world’s view of what it meant to be a happy, healthy and thriving woman.

For so long, I had painted myself with the colors of conformity. I wanted to fit in, be accepted and included. As an international adoptee, rejection was my greatest fear. I understood, all too well, the pain of being left. I wanted to be invisible so as not to be hurt; showing up in my authenticity was far too frightening.

Only, this way of existing was like being held a prisoner. I feared rejection by others. This fear kept me locked away from the life I craved: one filled with self-harmony, authenticity and spiritual strength. It was time to burn the old canvas, time to be brave and begin painting a new one.

Was this thought of starting over an intimidating one? Yes…. However, above and beyond any feeling of intimidation, I felt intense inspiration. When I looked in the mirror, I began seeing a new canvas, one filled with potential, self-love and kinder beauty.

I began seeing myself connected to a greater source. I began seeing myself as a treasure of God. Masterpieces are created from this viewpoint.

Daily, I would look into my own eyes and envision a new me; the person I had always longed to be. One who was not bound by the trappings of this world, one who could forgive and move forward toward a beautiful and exceptional way of being. I put into practice what would be whole and life-affirming for me: no apologies, no exceptions. I put into practice what was of God, things of gratitude and grace…and I’ve never looked back.

Today, I’m a new creation. I’ve let go of the fear by holding on to my faith. Pain has been traded for promise. I meet each new day with excitement and anticipation over how God will show up in my life. I’m in this world, but I’m not of it. I’ve discovered that greatness lives far beyond an earthly definition. True and sustainable greatness — the one we are individually created for — is found via a heavenly definition: it’s of God.

Don’t struggle with that blank canvas in front of you. Embrace it.

Here are a few words of encouragement found within the pages of my ebook, Mascara Moments: Embracing The Woman In The Mirror.

You are creation. So, what is keeping you from creating the life you yearn for? Peer into the vastness of your potential. See yourself as a canvas. Only you can sketch your own masterpiece. You possess every color needed to paint your beautiful life. Allow yourself to believe.

Believe that you can, with God’s direction, create the life you were created for! Don’t live another day wondering what it would feel like to be so free that you could stand authentically before the world and be the woman God designed you to be.

Sweet friends, the canvas is waiting. Feel the inspiration pulsing within you. Take hold of the paint brush and begin!

Onward to masterpiece,





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