The Adoptee Mindset: We Are Beautiful People with Beautiful Stories

I spoke at a conference in San Diego this past weekend. The event— Embrace Who You Are—was organized by Oleg Lougheed and his non-profit group, Overcoming Odds.

Oleg has a vision to create space for adoptees to share their experiences and overcome their challenges. He believes, like I do, in the power of story. Yours, mine, and his.

The day was transformative! It further strengthened my long-standing opinion that adoptees have a universe of wisdom to share with the world. All we have to do is assure them that it’s safe to open up and let that wisdom flow.

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Kids Helping Kids: engaging young hearts in support of youth in foster care

MMB_Blog_15_kidsthumbsupIn my last post, Kinder Beauty, I wrote that what orphaned children and foster youth can benefit from the most are gestures of kindness, thoughtfulness and consideration.

At the time I wrote the post, I had no idea that elementary students in New Mexico would be my shining example.

Then, I was given a story about an amazing act of kindness born of a teachers workshop at Douglas MacArthur Elementary school, in Albuquerque. It seems that a woman named Marjori Krebs has been engaging teachers in her workshops to better understand children and youth in foster care, in order to identify and meet their needs.

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Lend A Hand: World Adoption Day

MMB_Blog_5_HappyNovember 9, 2014 will mark the first—ever—World Adoption Day. I’m excited and thrilled to have this day noted on my calendar.

I have said, many times over many years, that I long for a day when every child has a forever family and adoption is celebrated on every continent.

This November 9th we can begin to make this dream a reality by reaching out to the world, and up to the heavens, with a message of what adoption really means.

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