This I Know: three things I’ve learned about conquering the chaos of life

MMB_Blog_28_waves crashingThere are times in this life when the waves crash in.

When what seemed to be a safe and easily navigated sea suddenly twists itself into a treacherous and chaotic storm.

I call these events the squalls of life—those deep and dark disturbances that leave us gasping for air and questioning our ability to tread the waters of trauma, disappointment, sorrow, rejection or pain.

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Soul Journey: explore your spiritual nature & cultivate a healthy life

MMB_Blog_27_springJust last week, I took my soul on a journey. That’s right, I packed my bags and headed out on — not a vacation — but a soul-cation.

I found myself in Tucson, Arizona at a place called Canyon Ranch. This fitness and wellness resort has been in existence for some 35 years. It was a dream of Canyon Ranch Founders, Enid and Mel Zuckerman, to create a place of discovery, renewal and pleasure. An environment that meets a client’s needs, physically, mentally and emotionally. The Ranch offers an integrative approach, in a beautiful setting, to explore one’s own potential.

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Life, Purpose and a New Definition: redefining life here on earth

MMB_Blog_26_plant“If you have life, you have purpose.” ~Caroline Myss

I heard the above quote from spiritual teacher and best-selling author Caroline Myss, while watching an interview she filmed with Oprah Winfrey for Super Soul Sunday.

I must admit, her thoughts on purpose brought about an ah-ha moment for me! In fact, I had to sit with Myss’ words for a bit and ponder them. Her statement—if you have life, you have purpose—was big, sort of revolutionary. A new way of looking at why I’m here…

And it seemed—well—simple.

Simply by having life, I have purpose? The answer is, yes. The question that remained for me was, how is this purpose defined?

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Thoughts for a New Year: a woman’s heart, mind & soul matter

MMB_Blog_25_RoadWe’re on the verge of a New Year: 2016! I’m writing this post (number 25, to be exact) on a cloudy morning in Nashville, TN. I’m traveling, on the road, and thinking about the heart, mind and soul of a woman.

I’m also sipping on a warm cup of green tea and breathing—deeply—as I write this note to women everywhere. It’s exactly what I want to do on this last morning of 2015.

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