Episode 10: A Conversation on Choice, Chance, & Motherhood, with Christine Bauer

On this episode of The Greater Than Podcast, I speak with Christine Bauer. Christine is the author of the memoir, Those Three Words: a birth mother’s story of choice, chance, & motherhood.

Her book represents the journey of a woman’s life and the choices that are made within a life. The pages are filled with reminders of the power of family, respect, acceptance, love—and, yes, the power of choice.

Starting the dialogue about a woman’s choice, no matter what that choice looks like, is a conversation that Christine is passionate to engage in. I’m honored for Christine to share her perspective with us—for sharing encouraging words about feeling our sadness, and leaning in to those places that hurt inside of us.

In the words of Christine’s mother, “Sadness stretches the heart so that there is more room for joy.”

We have to feel our lives if we are going to rise up and become greater in all aspects of our lives. We cannot stay numb. And, what we discover, over time, is that choice is always attached to a powerful, real, and raw story.

Leaning in to those stories is where we create greater empathy and understanding around the conversation of a woman’s choice or any other choice in front of us.

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The Greater Than Activity for Episode 10

Journal on a choice you are facing. What is your heart of hearts telling you about the choice you face? Connect to your inner wisdom. Quiet the outside opinions and judgments. Pray. Ask for guidance.

I’d love to know your thoughts so please let me know how this journaling goes for you.

To learn more about Christine, visit: authorcbauer.com

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I hope you’ll join me next time on The Greater Than Podcast.

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