Conquering Insecurity: 3 steps to win the war, and it all begins with God

InsecureEver asked yourself this question: Why do I feel so insecure?

If so, you’re not alone, as many as 300,000 plus online searches a month are carried out seeking information on the topic of emotional insecurity.

The word insecurity, is defined as a feeling of general unease or nervousness that may be triggered by perceiving of oneself to be vulnerable or inferior in some way.

When self-image (or ego) is threatened, we are hit—seemingly out of nowhere—by an emotional landslide. Quickly, we may find ourselves buried beneath the rubble of vulnerability, inferiority, and yes, insecurity.

Insecurity hurts. In fact, it’s one of the loneliest and most reclusive states of being. Your thoughts may toss and tumble around in your head as you work to justify why others seem to have the successes you only dream of, why even constructive criticism may cause you to rise up in a defensive reaction, and why paranoia may have its grip on most, if not every relationship you take part in.

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It’s a tangled and messy way to live. There is no joy to be found with insecurity following your every move, haunting your every thought.

There is no freedom from being insecure, unless you are willing to identify where and how insecurity may be ruling your life, and take the steps needed to eliminate it.

There are three important questions to ask yourself about insecurity:

  1. When others around me experience success, or do well in some aspect of their life—personally or professionally—do I find myself secretly bothered or irritated?
  2. Do I take myself too seriously and feel rubbed the wrong way when someone—at work or at home—offers me constructive criticism? Do I often get my feelings hurt in these situations?
  3. Do I carry a secret belief that everyone is out to get me? Do I feel paranoid that others are scheming to hurt me, or disappoint me?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, insecurity is likely sabotaging some area of your life. Think about it, insecurity is a spiritual war. It roots itself within your spirit and erodes your sense of self-worth, pulling you away from the very essence of who you are—severing you from your power.

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You can conquer this enemy, though, and win the battle over insecurity. I believe that seeing yourself through the mirror of God is step number one. And, this begins by taking the time to connect with your Creator.

Here’s a little personal truth of mine: When I am disconnected with God, I feel insecure within. Perhaps, this holds true for you.

You see, God is my security blanket.

So, I take the time to wrap myself up in His love, to connect with God through prayer, through nature, and through His Word. These actions help me suit up and step into the world with a sense of all-knowing, and a realization of a life-altering truth: I’m a beautiful daughter of God. I have no time for insecurity.

God is secure in His love for me. He’s secure in His love for you, too. That love never changes. Rest in this truth and you’ll understand why insecurity is an evil little game meant to distance you from God’s gracious mercy.

Viewing others through the lens of God is my step number two for conquering insecurity. Understand that we’re all in this earthly life together, and most of us need to be delivered from that dark place of caring too much about what other people think.  All that really matters is what God thinks. When we finally look at ourselves—and at each other—through God’s compassionate glasses, we’ll take major steps toward eradicating insecurity.

My goal is, daily, to be a peacemaker within and to extend that peace in a gesture of outreach to those around me—no matter what they think of me.


This leads itself nicely to my number three step for conquering insecurity: become an initiator of grace. This has everything to do with seeking love, kinder beauty, and forgiveness in all of your relationships. Be the founder of grace in your life, own it, and show up each day with it. You’ll be surprised how being an initiator of grace will empower others around you, thus empowering yourself and kicking insecurity to the curb. Which, after all, is where it belongs.

See yourself through the mirror of God, view others through His lens, and show up as an initiator of grace. These three steps—I promise—will help you conquer insecurity, once and for all.

Onward to a secure future,



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