Divine Nine: Unleashing Your Inner Power

Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. ~Charles R. Swindoll

It’s true. Charles Swindoll hits the nail right on the head. His quote, put in another way, might read: when life gives you lemons make lemonade.

I translate the Swindoll quote like this: Every hurt is healable. I mean it! Every single hurt can be healed. Every single negative emotion can be reversed, every single challenge or disappointment can be used for greater purpose. The key is in our reaction to what life brings our way and the time we spend focused on it.

I’ve often wondered what makes a person rise up over adversity when others crumble beneath the weight. I’ve found, over the years, that those who rise up spend less time focused on what they cannot control and more time on what they can. It’s that 10% verses 90% that Mr. Swindoll speaks of. If we spend a majority of our time focusing on all the ways that life has left us soured we will certainly miss the sweet taste of inspiration needed to move forward.

I work daily to live an “every hurt is healable” way of life. It’s not always easy, but it is worthwhile. It’s also a choice and a choice worth choosing. This has been proven to me time and time again, as I walk the road toward realizing my own individual potential. I’d like to share with you what I call my Divine Nine: the faith-filled wisdom needed to let go of disappointments and hurts and commit to a more abundant way of living.

You see, I want to be crystal clear in the truth that I have a power given to me be God. One that I’m uniquely qualified to share with this world. This applies to you, too. I know that we all face outside forces that aim to derail our dreams, but you are stronger than these forces.

And before I lay out my Divine Nine, I want to tell you that there is no other person on this planet who has — or ever will have — the gifts and talents that you can offer to all of us. That’s right, you were born to do work that is specific and unique to you, and to you alone. Whatever has you feeling stuck, isolated, unheard and unseen … that’s the 10%. I want you to focus on the 90%. That’s where you’ll find so much more of you to give.

Are you ready to access more of you? Ready to savor the sweet stuff of life? Let’s move on to my Divine Nine:

  1. Your dream is divine! And, we’re all hungry for it! You wouldn’t have the dream inside of you if God had not given you everything you need to make that dream a reality. In other words, you’ve got this! There is no disappointment that can keep your dream from happening. Sometimes, we just forget our own God-given power. Hurts and disappointments can make us feel small. That’s when we run the risk of crumbling. You weren’t made to crumble, though. You were created to rise.
  2. Believe in divine intervention. That’s even when you cannot see the proof before you. We’re such a results oriented society. We want proof before we’ll believe. Well, here’s a thought: when you fully commit to stepping out of what has kept you down, then the full power of divine government (that’s God) commits right along with you. Believing before you have any proof of outcome is called faith. Faith is everything. Take the leap!
  3. You are divinely created. It’s great to commit, don’t get me wrong, but it’s even greater to know that you’ve been created for extraordinary living. You are intended for a life that is bigger than any of the hurts and disappointments of past. If you have a passion buried deep inside of you, know that you have been created for it. Commit and believe, but also know that all of creation has your back.
  4. Be divinely brave. There’s something about saying, “I’m created for this purpose,” that injects a powerful dose of bravery into your entire being. You see, every moment of your life has prepared you for your purpose. In this way, you can begin to see how everything is a gift. No matter the challenge or disappointment, those moments have prepared you for something bigger. You’ll either feel the power of divine bravery within you, trust it and move forward…or you’ll stay stuck in the 10% that will never serve you. It’s your decision. Choose bravery.
  5. Stay divinely connected. There are days when I am hit with feelings of loneliness and isolation. These times occur far less than years ago, however they can still happen! In these moments, I can honestly say that I’ve been caught in the trappings of disconnection. I took my eye away from the prize and unplugged from my ultimate source of power: God. It was Marianne Williamson who once wrote, “I’m the faucet. God is the water.” The water cannot flow if the faucet is off. Let God move through you. Stay connected to the Divine.
  6. Serve others divinely. We’re here to serve one another, to love one another. I cannot remember a time when this message was needed more than it is now. There just seems to be so much division in our world. We’re not made for divisiveness, we are made for relationship; for friendship and peace. When we serve others with divine care, we expand our own spirits. Our own divine potential grows exponentially within these moments of service and outreach. Your life experience can help someone else out of a dark moment. Be that kind of light.
  7. Be divinely present. The pace of this earthly life moves fast. We’re conditioned to think ahead and to keep moving forward. Yet, God calls us to live in the moment and to be ever-present with Him. Last night, I looked up at the stars here in Maui and felt the breeze on my face. God’s presence was all around me and I was directly in the center of His presence. I want to live like that every day: in the circle of His love. Presence, it seems to me, is our direct line of communication to the Father. Give yourself the gift of divine presence.
  8. Be divinely focused. I don’t see the work that I do as work, I truly see it as my purpose and my passion. Staying divinely focused on this truth guides me in every aspect of my life: every word I write, every relationship I have and every idea I foster, both personally and professionally. I am here as a source of outreach and inspiration. This kind of focus keeps me on track and reminds me that, in every area of my life, I serve a much higher purpose than that of myself.
  9. Stay divinely hungry. This has everything to do with soul food: your spiritual nourishment. Ask God to keep you hungry for what He has to feed you in this life. Allow Him to fill your menu with what is good and right for you. Try new things when He places them on your plate. Stay open and keep learning! Come to the table and trust that there is a divine and fulfilling feast awaiting you.

I access these Divine Nine spiritual reminders daily, and stay focused on the 90% of life that propels me forward, not the 10% that would hold me back. These reminders really do guide me in my marriage, in my parenting, in my work and in my play. Each of these nine are extremely powerful on their own, however, the real magic is found in their synergy!

When activated consistently, these nine can help you grow closer to your Creator and develop the strength, conviction, vision and spiritual fortitude needed to build the life of your dreams.

Onward to what matters most,

2 thoughts on “Divine Nine: Unleashing Your Inner Power

  1. Michelle!
    Oh how I love the “Divine Nine”. And oh how I needed to hear it today. I love how God sends you exactly what you need when we listen.
    Thank you for reminding me to focus on my 90%. Thank you for reminding me that I am uniquely made for a purpose that’s even greater than my dreams. And thank you for modeling a life of walking in Faith!
    It’s a joy to watch and learn from you!

    1. Thank you, Katie, for your kind words! I’m so deeply honored that the “Divine Nine” have met you when you needed them most. You are uniquely made for a mighty purpose!! God is at work, sister. And, I so enjoy seeing and witnessing Him working through you. God bless you!! Love and hugs, Michelle

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