Episode 11: The Power Behind Your Story, with Oleg Lougheed

On this episode of The Greater Than Podcast, I speak with Oleg Lougheed. Oleg’s story begins in Russia: a hard beginning followed by a painful and difficult decision.

A decision in which the outcome left him stripped of his voice, his identity, and his family. Oleg was a vulnerable child—an orphaned child.

Yet, Oleg has a unique and transformative way of looking at his story. And, at YOURS. Oleg shares why your story matters and the power behind your story.

Oleg is an entrepreneur and has started a venture called Overcoming Odds with the mission to help others live a better life, despite their hardships and misfortunes. To be determined, to find a way, to envision a better day, to believe in yourself, and to become something bigger—greater–than yourself.

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The Greater Than Activity for Episode 11

Journal on change. Does it scare you? If so, why? How might change offer you opportunities to grow and to evolve?

I’d love to know your thoughts so please let me know how this journaling goes for you.

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To read our show notes and to find out more about Oleg Lougheed and Overcoming Odds, visit OverComingOdds.today.com.

I hope you’ll join me next time on The Greater Than Podcast.

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