Episode 7: Zoe Johnson, A Former Foster’s Story of Reuniting with Her Birth Father

On this episode of The Greater Than Podcast, I speak with Zoe Johnson. She has an incredible story to share! She’s a former foster child, orphaned as a little girl. Today, Zoe is a wife and mother, and a woman on a journey of faith to sharing the amazing story of finding her bio father through ancestry.com

Anyone who is searching, on any level, for truth in their life will want to listen to Zoe’s insights as she walks the real and raw path of reunion. Zoe’s journey to truth and to her bio dad is inspirational. Her ability to forgive and to start right where she and her bio dad are, is something we all can learn from. To learn more about Zoe, you can find her on YouTube.

Often, we want to hold on to the past—to the disappointments and the pain. Yet, we can’t be free when we hold on to past. We can’t find joy when our hearts are filled with the sting of disappointments past.

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The Greater Than Activity for Episode 7

Journal on that disappointment or those disappointments that you may be still holding on to. What is your life like as you hold on to that hurt? What could your life be like if you set that hurt free?

The very thing you see as your weakness today might just be your strength, your calling—your purpose. To rise up to that place, though, we must let go of the trappings of resentment and of a victim mind-set.

We were never made to crumble…we were made to conquer!

Zoe is conquering a past that could have made her crumble and fade away.

She is choosing another way and her example is hugely inspiring.

I’d love to know your thoughts so please update me on how this journaling goes for you.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 7: Zoe Johnson, A Former Foster’s Story of Reuniting with Her Birth Father

  1. Yes,Zoe is quite a forgiving person. I’m just learning about her in the last year. She is bright incredible changed my life it’s still soaking in that she is my daughter. And she has two beautiful children who are my grandkids!marcusdjohnson1957@gmail.com

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