Episode 2: Family, Foster Care, and Adoption with Jamie Finn

On this episode of The Greater Than Podcast, Family, Foster Care, and Adoption, I speak with Jamie Finn of Foster The Family blog.

We discuss the importance of family, foster care, and how we can work, together, to improve the system. Jamie speaks of why it is essential to respectfully and compassionately talk about birth families, and the ways in which we can show up and support foster families and children in our communities.

Jamie expresses such wisdom within this interview. I am so honored to share her voice. And, I appreciate her letting us peek into the window of her life as a parent through adopting and fostering.

Learn more about Jamie’s life and work by visiting FostertheFamilyBlog.com where she shares openly, authentically, and emotionally the walk of fostering, the hellos and the goodbyes, and the real-life lessons along the way.

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The Greater Than Activity for Episode 2
Journal on what worshipping through the regrets of this life means to you. We all have regrets, disappointments and hurts. But, how can we worship through them and begin to see the gifts of regret and of grief?

I’d love to know your thoughts so please let me know how this journaling goes for you.

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I hope you’ll join us next time on, The Greater Than Podcast.

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