Have You Been Thinking About Adopting a Child? These are 5 Reasons Why it is 100% Worthwhile

Have you been thinking about adopting a child? Do you wonder if you have what it takes to be a parent-by-adoption?

The decision to adopt should come with a healthy dose of contemplation. A child’s life depends on a parent’s complete and total dedication.

Today, too many kids in America are languishing in the foster system. In total, there are some 400,000 children in U.S. foster care right now. Around 100,000 of them are eligible and waiting to be adopted. These are kids who won’t be with their forever families this Thanksgiving.

It’s hard to think of what might be going through their innocent minds. How they may wonder if a family will ever arrive. They may question if they’re even worthy of a family. It’s devastating to think about how heavy this weight must be on their young shoulders.

As I prepare to gather around a Thanksgiving table with my family, I’m holding every foster child in my thoughts and in my prayers. It’s so important that we do. We can’t stop! They need us. They need us to recognize their needs. The need for love, for connection, for a warm place to call home.

I know it can be scary to consider adopting. We want certainty in this life and adopting—like most things—comes with a ton of uncertainty.

However, it is often when we step outside of uncertainty and take a leap into the unknown that we grow and find a fuller meaning in life, and develop a greater ability to love others.

As children in U.S. foster care wait on their forever wishes to come true, here are 5 reasons why I know becoming a parent-by-adoption is 100% worthwhile:

  • There is transformational power found in family. Family is the basic unit of society and when families thrive, our communities and our world thrives!
  • There is always room for more love. In your home and in your heart. Truly, I believe that each of us are capable of vast and borderless love when we open our hearts. If allowed, love will grow.
  • Kids from hard places are worth fighting for. Every child deserves a chance at a life that is safe, healthy, and overflowing with love. A chance at a hopeful and abundant future.
  • There is beauty in family diversity. I know, both as an adoptee and mother-by-adoption, that family has little to do with biology and everything to do with love. In my family, we are of different skin tones—those of cinnamon, vanilla, and cocoa—yet, we are one united family.
  • Anything worthwhile in this life lives on the other side of fear. And, the opposite of fear is faith. Adopting can help strengthen your faith and help you to grow as an individual, as well as a family.

Adopting a child isn’t easy, but it is absolutely worth it! You can make a transformational difference in a child’s life. You can alter their story, and your own, for the better.

Are you ready to make that leap of faith, to open your heart wide and far and embrace a child who—right now—is waiting for you?

Waiting on you.

Waiting with you.

It’s November: National Adoption Awareness Month.

I believe, if you hold love for these children in your heart, then you’ve got what it takes.






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2 thoughts on “Have You Been Thinking About Adopting a Child? These are 5 Reasons Why it is 100% Worthwhile

  1. Michelle, thank you for this well written, well researched article.

    I see neighbors adopt children from foreign countries often. I understand their reasoning. Most are scared of things they’ve seen on television, where the child is taken away after years in the home.

    We were never in the financial position to consider foreign adoptions. God allowed us to adopt two babies in our hometown as they were being born. We brought them home from the hospital.

    I wish more would consider domestic adoption, but I do not fault them for going a different route.

    1. Thank you, Vincent, for sharing your thoughts with us here. Thank you for reading the article and for responding. I believe that, when we commit ourselves to adopting a child, then there is a child somewhere in the world waiting for us. Perhaps in our own hometown, or somewhere across the world. No matter the location or the circumstance, every adoption journey is unique and sacred. And, the more we share our stories, the more we highlight the truth of adoption. Sending blessings to your family!

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