The Healing Power of Women

I’m in a small group of women that meets every Tuesday. We pray together, listen to each other, and support one another through  life’s ups and downs.

I love these women so much because they’ve shown me what it means—really means—to feel wanted and included, heard and seen within an intimate group. Their hearts are filled with grace and love.

I wonder if they know just how beautiful they are. I look at each of them and see radiance and kindness. I hope they notice the same qualities, too, when they look at themselves in the mirror.

Only, it’s hard to see ourselves as we are seen. We need loving reminders. The more I grow, the more I know just how much I need my girlfriends. My sisters in Christ. No judgment. No gossip. We’re safe in our group. And, that matters.

A woman’s heart is precious. And so, on this last Thursday of November, I just want to say that you matter. You’re loved. I don’t know what you’re facing right now, what challenges you may be dealing with, but I do know that when women come together in the spirit of faith, love, and openness—miracles happen.

Do you have a group of women you can turn to? Women who love and see you for who you really are? Women who appreciate you, accept you, acknowledge you, and affirm you? Women who view your differences as your gifts, those unique qualities that make you, you?

Having a group of women to turn to has opened me up and made me appreciate community in a whole new way. Maybe it was my own adoption that found me untrusting of women for a time. When a mother leaves a daughter, the scars of that abandonment can last awhile. For me, it altered my perception of friendship in a negative way.

God has a way of bringing us around, though, and healing the scars. He has given me just what I needed, exactly when I needed it most. A family of women who love me. Women who protect my deepest thoughts and my most soulful sharing.

We can share anything and know that it stays in “the vault.” In other words, our hearts are safe with each other.

I never knew how much I hungered for this kind of inclusion until I had it. Now that I have it, I treasure it beyond measure.

As we close out November 2018, I’m so very thankful for the blessing of friendship. I’m so very grateful for the healing power of women.

A power that can heal so many of the ills in this world. We just need to lean in to each other more. Connect. Communicate. Care.

And, from the bottom of my heart,  I thank each and every one of you for trusting me with your stories of adoption and foster care. Thank you for living life out loud with me. Thank you for your vulnerability. Your support and encouragement mean everything.

Don’t do life alone. We’re made for warm fellowship.

As we move through the last few weeks of 2018, and onward to a brand, new year—I look forward to continuing this walk, this journey called life, together.


With a grateful heart,






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