Episode 8: The Power of We: Helping Others Reclaim Their Lives with Motivational Speaker, Loren Michaels Harris

On this episode of The Greater Than Podcast, I speak with Loren Michaels Harris.

Loren Michaels Harris is a survivor of the foster care system. He draws upon his upbringing to motivate and inspire others in overcoming their obstacles to success and achieving the life they want.

Loren is a motivational speaker and message discovery coach. He assists individuals in realizing what they can do with their own personal stories and messages—how their stories can be used to help others reclaim their lives.  It’s the “power of we” that Loren so eloquently shares with us. 

Loren’s wisdom reminds me of a quote I once heard:  “there is a soul out there somewhere who is hungry for the story you have to share.” You see, each of our stories has the capacity to change a life.

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The Greater Than Activity for Episode 8

Journal on what Loren’s “Go Grow Know and Show factor” means to you. What pain or hurt, challenge or obstacle might you need to face and move through in order to grow, learn and expand, and share your true purpose with the world?

I’d love to know your thoughts so please let me know how this journaling goes for you.

To learn more about Loren, please visit: LorenMichaelsHarris.com.

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I hope you’ll join me next time on The Greater Than Podcast.

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