Episode 9: Leaning In, Listening, and Letting Victims of Sexual Violence Lead with Guila Benchimol

Every ninety-eight seconds in America, someone is sexually assaulted. Every 98 seconds…

Sexual violence affects millions of Americans, and can have long-term effects on its victims.

We know the #MeToo movement. But, do we really understand why it’s essential that victims be given a voice?

On this episode of The Greater Than Podcast, my guest is Guila Benchimol.

Guila is a PhD candidate in Sociological Criminology from the University of Guelph.

Her dissertation project examines how some victims of sexual violence go on to become anti-sexual violence advocates and activists. A topic that is important to explore within the scope of this podcast.

Guila reminds us all of the power of our voice.

And shares the truth that silence does not serve the victim of sexual violence, silence only serves the sexual predator.

As Guila wrote in her Huff Post article from December 2017, “inaction makes us enablers who fail past and future victims.”

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The Greater Than Activity for Episode 9

Journal on how can you assist—yourself, your family, friends, and community—in breaking down the walls of silence that keep victims isolated and disempowered, even if the victim is you.

These were hard topics. I’ll admit. However, it’s so important to have these conversations.

I’d love to know your thoughts as you journal, so keep in touch.

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I hope you’ll join me next time on The Greater Than Podcast.

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