Family Building from Foster Care: Out of the Blue, by Debi Cantu

Perhaps many people can say what I am about to say: when I first began fostering children I had no plans on adopting. I was experiencing a bit of the ’empty nest syndrome’ and wanted little ones in my home once more. I also wanted to foster children on my own terms with the choice to stop when I felt the time had come.

I received a phone call from a social worker asking if I wanted to foster a baby who was still in the hospital. I immediately said, “Yes.” The social worker began informing me of the baby’s health condition. “This baby was born three months premature, weighs only four pounds at six weeks of age, and has tested positive for crack and alcohol.” She added, “The baby needs to be picked up today.” I raced out of the house and headed to the hospital to meet a tiny little girl.

She was the cutest, most adorable baby I had ever seen. We were inseparable. I would hold her close, feeding her every three hours in order to give her the calories she needed to grow. However, I would remind myself that this situation might not last, as the baby’s birthmother wanted all four of her children back. As a foster parent, I needed to ready myself for ‘goodbye’.

After a year, though, it seemed apparent that this baby girl would be staying with us. We adopted our precious little angel when she was not yet two years of age.

I have raised three biological sons and now have adopted a girl. I could not love one more than the other and it does not matter that my daughter is not “blood of my blood”.

She is my life, my heart and my soul. My daughter, almost five years old now, can cheer me up just by saying a couple of words. There is not a day that goes by when I don’t look up to the sky and thank God for bringing this child to me, from out of the blue.

~Debi Cantu, Texas


This story is an excerpt from the book, Adoption Means Love: Triumph of the Heartwhich was named a “Top 5 Inspirational Book” by Dolce Vita Magazine. Real and raw, the book explores the many experiences and emotions of adoptees, adoptive parents, birthparents, foster youth, and foster parents.

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