Still Standing: A Conversation on Life as a Trans-Racial Adoptee, with Kevin Hofmann

Kevin Hofmann is the author of the memoir, Growing Up Black In White. He is a trans-racial adoptee who describes his experience as “a unique way to grow up.” His family was part of the second wave of multicultural families created through transracial adoption, in late sixties America, with no role models to guide them.

We begin our conversation with Kevin taking us back to Michigan and the racial temperature into which he was born. He terms it, inside his memoir, as being born in “the middle of a racial hurricane.”

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Dear friends of adoption and foster care, as long as you have breath you have a purpose. I want you to hear me on this. The last few pages of Kevin’s book, Growing Up Black in White, are dedicated to the steps to follow if pulled over by the police. He uses the acronym of HOME and important rules to follow so that every child of color returns home to their parents. It’s an essential read for every parent of transracial adoption.

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