The Greater Than Project

Greater Than began as a film series. We released three important stories of women who had risen up beyond life’s challenges and pain. As powerful and visually beautiful as these episodes were, we saw a need to transform the film series into a podcast format.

This decision stemmed from our belief that podcasting is becoming one of the most influential storytelling mediums, today. We believe in the power of story as an essential way to share experience and emotion in narrative form. The voice of the human spirit is the most profound healing balm.

God created us for relationship, to trust Him and to choose Him. No matter the struggle you may be facing, right now, know that you can ask God for help. In Episode 3 of The Greater Than Project, authors Michelle Madrid-Branch and Laurie Polich Short discuss how to find a deeper sense of faith through the challenges in our lives.

To buy Laurie’s book, Finding Faith in the Dark, please visit her website:

Domestic abuse is an epidemic that does not discriminate. It can happen to everyone: all races, all religions, all income and education levels. Some have referred to this epidemic as a psychological trap disguised as love. It’s a trap that millions fall into each and every year. In Episode 2 of The Greater Than Project, we share Kristen Van Noy’s journey of escaping and healing from an abusive relationship.

If you’re seeking inspiration along your journey to grow more self-confident and expand your sense of self-esteem, follow this link:… and download Michelle’s ebook Mascara Moments: embracing the woman in the mirror. This intimate little ebook was born from Michelle’s personal journey to self-discovery and self-love.

This is the first episode of The Greater Than Project. We are proud to feature the story of Michaella Bruce. In November of 2011, Michaella was involved in a life-threatening car accident in Sacramento, California. Chaos was swirling all around her and nothing seemed safe. Michaella’s world had been turned upside down—her future very much in question. Watch to hear Michaella’s story of triumph over all odds.

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