This Side of Adoption: Sharing Our Struggles, Mom-to-Mom with Kelli Belt

“Seeing the beauty doesn’t diminish the pain.”

Kelli Belt is the host of the podcast, Beauty is Rising. She’s the mother of 3 and a wife of 21-years. Kelli’s 7-year journey to adopt her daughter from Ethiopia led her to the work she focuses on today: equipping adoptive mothers with what they need to be happy right now, and connecting those mothers to a larger community of support.

I’d like to explore how Kelli rose above loss to find a purpose and a passion in helping other mothers turn their struggles into their greatest asset.

Listen to Kelli’s story now:


I love this reminder that beauty exists in hard places. As Kelli says, “It’s up to us to see it—to uncover it.” We do this best through community. Mama-to-mama. Woman-to-woman, with a willingness to be fiercely connected.

You see, we’re not called for isolation, we’re called for relationship in this life. 2020 can be a time of fierce connection. I’m in, how about you?

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